Tips to Stay Fit After Staying Up

Work that is piling up or having a favorite soccer club game in the early hours of the morning may force you to stay up. In fact, in the morning you have to undergo activities as usual. Relax, you can still undergo various activities with a fit body even though you don't get enough sleep at night. In order for the body to function properly, adults are advised to sleep eight nights and children around 9-10 hours. The need for sleep varies between individuals depending on their age, activity and medical condition. When staying up late, your sleep hours are reduced drastically. This can affect the function of your body, especially the brain. In the morning, you might be attacked by drowsiness. Not only that, your concentration can also be decreased because the brain and body do not get enough rest time. So that the eyes remain literate after staying up all night According to some studies, the performance of the body of a person who stayed up all night might be the same as someon
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